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How hospital bug can evade attackBBC25/06/2006
Overcrowding linked to MRSA riskNetdoctor23/06/2006
Up to 53 million people could have MRSANetdoctor21/06/2006
New HIV Drug blocks diseaseNetdoctor08/06/2006
Child ear infection vaccine developedNetdoctor03/06/2006
MRSA-fighting drug discoveredNetdoctor18/05/2006
Wallaby milk could treat superbugsNetdoctor20/04/2006
Human drug-resistance linked to animal antibioticsNetdoctor18/04/2006
Antibiotics may help treat asthmaNetdoctor13/04/2006
Baby antibiotics could cause asthmaNetdoctor14/03/2006
MRSA deaths increase by a quarterNetdoctor23/02/2006
Handwashing best way to control MRSANetdoctor20/02/2006
Vaginal gel hope to stem HIV spreadNetdoctor10/02/2006
MRSA test could cut costs and infectionsNetdoctor06/02/2006
Echinacea not a cold cureNetdoctor25/01/2006
Friendly bacteria could help fight HIVNetdoctor18/01/2006
NHS must do better on lethal infectionNetdoctor21/12/2005
Popular antibiotics often failNetdoctor19/12/2005
Too many hospitals are dirtyNetdoctor15/12/2005
MRSA victims demand Government actionNetdoctor28/11/2005
Winter 'flu jab shortageNetdoctor22/11/2005
Britons becoming resistant to HIV drugsNetdoctor18/11/2005
Cold causes
MRSA control in hospitals 'haphazard'Netdoctor08/11/2005
Doctors should use yoghurt to fight superbugsNetdoctor01/11/2005
MRSA comparisons "useless"Netdoctor28/10/2005
Free flu jab for vulnerableNetdoctor03/10/2005
Washing hands more often lessens the risk of coldsNetdoctor29/09/2005
Scientists make immunity breakthroughNetdoctor26/09/2005
New spray to cure common coldNetdoctor22/09/2005
Over 6-week antibiotic treatment for acne raises risk of upper respiratory tract infectionArchives of Dermatology19/09/2005
Hitech coating to boost implants could reduce incidence of MRSABBC19/09/2005
MRSA "brought back into hospital"BBC09/09/2005
Crocodile blood antibiotics hopeBBC19/08/2005
Hope for eliminating 'latent' HIVBBC11/08/2005
Development of new 'flu vaccineNational Library for Health05/08/2005
The bugs hitting NHS wardsBBC23/06/2005
Pharmacy antibiotic sale go-aheadBBC08/06/2005
Deep sea weapon against superbugBBC25/05/2005
Britons 'complacent' over malariaBBC15/05/2005
WHO to report on malaria campaignBBC03/05/2005
Combining jabs cuts effectiveness against childhood illnessNational Library for Health15/04/2005
Science shows how malaria 'hides'BBC08/04/2005
Combined pill to combat malariaBBC08/04/2005
Vets warned over MRSA in animalsBBC29/03/2005
What is the best hand cleaning agent? National Library for Health17/03/2005
Multiple toeholds for HIV in UKBBC15/03/2005
Global toll of malaria 'doubled'BBC10/03/2005
Tough challenges remain in AIDS fightBBC04/03/2005
Interpol warns of bioterrorism riskBBC01/03/2005
WHO warns of bird flu pandemicBBC23/02/2005
'Potato vaccine' for Hepatitis BBBC15/02/2005
How misuse of antibiotics backfiredBBC14/02/2005
Drug-resistant HIV strain foundBBC12/02/2005
Sex disease risk for older womenBBC11/02/2005
'Clean yourself' advice on MRSABBC26/01/2005
Could a dressing help in superbug fight?BBC17/01/2005
Gene clue to HIV origin in humansBBC10/01/2005
Plan for new vaccine for babiesBBC05/01/2005
HIV can be flushed out of hidingBBC03/01/2005
Vaccine 'may stop heart disease'BBC22/12/2004
Flu crisis 'could be contained'BBC21/12/2004
Lotion "good as drugs" for acneBBC19/12/2004
New weapon in MRSA 'superbug' warBBC15/12/2004
Malaria treatment target is foundBBC12/12/2004
Key HIV-fighting genes identifiedBBC09/12/2004
Hospital cleaners to cut superbugBBC07/12/2004
HIV drugs hold-up "costing lives"BBC01/12/2004
Bugs get the train tooBBC01/12/2004
Britain backs HIV vaccine studiesBBC01/12/2004
The deadly rise of urban malariaNew Scientist30/11/2004
Study finds benefits in GM cropsBBC29/11/2004
Killer fingertips can stop E.coliBBC29/11/2004
Cheap antibiotic slashes AIDS-related deathsNew Scientist19/11/2004
Bacteriophages - The new alternative to antibiotics?Independent Newspapers16/11/2004
Vaccine against cervical cancerBBC29/10/2004
'Doubling' of Salmonella casesBBC05/10/2004
Wine leftovers fight bacteriaBBC23/08/2004
5 in 1 jab is safe insists BMJIndependent Newspapers20/08/2004
Scientist raises £750 000 to develop weapon against MRSAThe Guardian20/08/2004
Ancient chinese remedy may provide new treatment for malariaIndependent Newspapers19/08/2004
Throat bug vaccine safe to useBBC14/08/2004
Mixing medicines can halt rise of superbugsIndependent Newspapers10/08/2004
Campaigners demand guarantees over safety of new five in one jabThe Independent09/08/2004
Preventing Malaria in UK TravellersBritish Medical Journal07/08/2004
Asylum policy risks HIV spreadThe Guardian06/08/2004
Polio to die out by end of yearBBC03/08/2004
Gene hope for acne sufferersBBC30/07/2004
Ward's hygiene regime wipes out superbugThe Daily Telegraph16/07/2004
NHS failings hit superbug fightBBC13/07/2004
Hygiene crackdown to tackle rise of hospital superbugsFinancial Times12/07/2004
Reid to launch new fight against hospital superbugThe Daily Telegraph05/07/2004
Full wards and staff shortages help to spread superbugsThe Guardian02/07/2004
Nasal vaccine works against SarsBBC24/06/2004
Malaria vaccines warningThe Guardian22/06/2004
Deadly Sars virus found in tearsBBC20/06/2004
Candles can smoke out bacteriaBBC19/06/2004
Leaders unite in search of AIDS vaccineThe Guardian11/06/2004
Alert over bacteria in dried baby foodsThe Daily Telegraph03/06/2004
Many gay men with HIV unawareBBC01/06/2004
Traveller's warned as British victims of malaria doubleIndependent Newspapers27/05/2004
Beware doctors wearing tiesThe Guardian25/05/2004
E-nose could sniff out infectionsBBC22/05/2004
Delhi belly vaccine licensed only for cholera says European AgencyIndependent Newspapers20/05/2004
Teens more ignorant about HIVBBC17/05/2004
How tea tree oil can wipe out the hospital superbugNational electronic Library for Health11/05/2004
3000 each day die from malariaThe Guardian07/05/2004
Super antibodies to fight diseaseBBC24/04/2004
Gel will end misery of acneBBC21/04/2004
Penicillin warning to doctorsBBC14/04/2004
WHO failures lead to hundreds of thousands dying from malaria, say medical expertsIndependent Newspapers08/04/2004
Lack of funds damages bioterror researchThe Guardian29/03/2004
Children prescribed fewer antibioticsThe Daily Telegraph29/03/2004
Deadly viruses found in BritainBBC28/03/2004
Scientists find a weapon to fight malaria: MosquitosIndependent Newspapers26/03/2004
Military research helps speed up MRSA detectionThe Guardian24/03/2004
Steep rise in superbug infections among childrenThe Guardian22/03/2004
Drug resistant TB threatens EUBBC16/03/2004
Vaccine for Delhi belly could save 500,000 livesThe Independent08/03/2004
Retraction from MMR authorsThe Guardian04/03/2004
Sars hit hospital workers healthBBC02/03/2004
Superbug link to 800 deathsThe Guardian27/02/2004
Fluids for cold theory challengedBBC27/02/2004
AIDS epidemic threatens west Europe, warns UNThe Independent24/02/2004
Dispute over MMR jab must stopThe Daily Telegraph24/02/2004
Inquiry only way to settle MMR row: Public deserves an independent investigation, says MPThe Guardian23/02/2004
Blair wavers over introduction of GM cropsThe Daily Telegraph20/02/2004
Breast cancer risk linked to antibioticsThe Guardian18/02/2004
Japan confirms bird flu outbreakBBC17/02/2004
Drug could destroy hidden HIVBBC15/02/2004
Second US Farm hit by bird fluThe Guardian11/02/2004
Lethal bug hides in the healthyBBC06/02/2004
Germany tests two women for bird fluThe Guardian03/02/2004
Anti-AIDS measures fail womenThe Guardian03/02/2004
Probiotic bacteria health boonNature03/02/2004
Microbes 'are living antibiotic'BBC31/01/2004
Science mapping Sars' evolutionBBC30/01/2004
UK 'developing bird flu vaccine'BBC30/01/2004
MMR jab uptake rises for first time in a yearThe Independent28/01/2004
China falls victim to bird flu outbreakThe Guardian28/01/2004
Deadly bird flu spreads deeper across AisaIndependent Newspapers27/01/2004
Second thai boy dies of bird fluBBC27/01/2004
Thailand warns on bird flu deathsBBC26/01/2004
British experts fear bird flu pandemicThe Guardian23/01/2004
Fears grow over bird flu outbreakBBC23/01/2004
UK Chicken flu threat dismissedBBC23/01/2004
Is the flu vaccine futile?The Guardian22/01/2004
China rejects claim it covered up first outbreak of bird fluThe Guardian20/01/2004
Asda scraps VAT on Cold remediesThe Daily Telegraph19/01/2004
Better bio-weapons controls urgedBBC19/01/2004
Immunisation drive could wipe out polio by end of 2004The Guardian16/01/2004
WHO links Sars virus to animalsBBC16/01/2004
Animals 'may give ebola warning'BBC15/01/2004
New threats to health predictedThe Guardian14/01/2004
Patients in fear of Hospital SuperbugDaily Mail08/01/2004
China confirms new Sars caseBBC08/01/2004
China orders cull of thousands of cats as SARS virus returnsFinancial Times Ltd06/01/2004
Baby bug threat from formula milkBBC02/01/2004
Warning over immigrant HIV testsBBC02/01/2004
Chemical barrier stops bugsBBC02/01/2004
WHO investigates China Sars fearBBC29/12/2003
Super TB created by scientistsBBC26/12/2003
Discovery raises hopes of malaria vaccineFinancial Times Ltd23/12/2003
Sticky blood gives malaria clueBBC23/12/2003
Patients in intensive care wards at most risk from hospital superbugsFinancial Times Ltd22/12/2003
Aids pandemic reduces life expectancy in Africa by 20 yearsFinancial Times Ltd19/12/2003
Should I get my pets tested for MRSA?The Guardian18/12/2003
Specialist medical units trained to counter smallpox terror threatThe Guardian17/12/2003
Taiwan announces first Sars caseBBC17/12/2003
Mothers alarmed after TV MMR dramaThe Guardian16/12/2003
Hope for better malaria vaccineBBC16/12/2003
'Risk to owners' as MRSA superbug is found in petsSunday Telegraph15/12/2003
Hope on superbugThe Mail on Sunday15/12/2003
"Superbug report is misleading" says TrustNorthcliffe Newspapers Ltd12/12/2003
Infections could prolong lifeBBC12/12/2003
Epidemic threat of minor bugsBBC11/12/2003
Hospital bucks 'superbugs' trendFinancial Times Ltd09/12/2003
HIV message Bollywood styleBBC08/12/2003
Korean fish joins malaria fightBBC07/12/2003
Superbug crackdown is launchedBBC05/12/2003
Sars vaccine shows promiseBBC05/12/2003
Hopes that killer flu has reached its peakThe Daily Telegraph04/12/2003
Boycott of Five's MMR dramaThe Guardian04/12/2003
Echinacea does not treat coldsBBC03/12/2003
Fujian flu fears rise as more children dieThe Daily Telegraph02/12/2003
Push to give life saving AIDS drugs to 3mThe Guardian01/12/2003
Death prompts review of policy on child flu jabs: All children may be offered vaccine next yearThe Guardian01/12/2003
World AIDS day sets HIV drug goalBBC01/12/2003
Danger of gene swapping bacteriumBBC30/11/2003
Officials reject 'flu risk claimsBBC27/11/2003
HIV cases in Britain reach 49500 after record riseIndependent Newspapers25/11/2003
Super matrons fight killer bugThe Express on Sunday24/11/2003
Flu epidemic sweeps Ulster as baby diesThe Sunday People24/11/2003
Doctors on alert over Fujian flu bugFinancial Times20/11/2003
MMR Expert urges jab take upBBC31/10/2003
Epidemic fear in MMR boycott: Doctor warns of measles outbreaks this winterThe Guardian31/10/2003
Laser treatment for acneNational Library for Health30/10/2003
US develops new lethal virusNew Scientist29/10/2003
Drug new weapon against bugsBBC24/10/2003
Pill "could kill off superbugs"BBC22/10/2003
A cure for fluNational Library for Health22/10/2003
Cure for killer flu discoveredBBC20/10/2003
Gut teems with different virusesBBC20/10/2003
Drugs for HIV reduce AIDS death and improve survivalNational Library for Health20/10/2003
Antibiotics may delay Alzheimer'sBBC10/10/2003
MMR Families end court fight with drug firms after legal aid defeatThe Independent02/10/2003
Elderly think flu jab will make them illYorkshire Post01/10/2003
Baby study links antibiotics to asthmaNew Scientist30/09/2003
Vulnerable patients urged to get flu jabThe Independent29/09/2003
Antibiotic crisis 'looming'BBC28/09/2003
Gut treatment could save livesBBC25/09/2003
Gates gives 100 Million Pounds to wipe out malariaThe Guardian22/09/2003
New spray will kill superbugsBristol Evening Post19/09/2003
Docking blocking drug hope for HIVNew Scientist19/08/2003
Pill may stop traveller's trotsThe Times13/08/2003
Superbug warningGuardian Online11/08/2003
Study may lead to malaria treatmentFinancial Times01/08/2003
Happiness helps fight off coldsNew Scientist28/07/2003
Acne made worse by stressBBC23/07/2003
MMR-Autism Link DeniedThe Independent Online22/07/2003
GM crops low risk to humansBBC21/07/2003
Multistrain infection complicates vaccinationThe Associated Press Online15/07/2003
Drug free foodLA Times14/07/2003
HIV hideaway revealedBBC12/07/2003
New gonorrhea strain hits USHealthScout11/07/2003
SARS epidemic "no longer spreading"Financial Times07/07/2003
New HIV DrugBBC03/07/2003
Ebola "may reach the UK"Guardian Unlimited03/07/2003
Disease outbreak warningThe Independent Online02/07/2003
Flu bioweapon fearsBBC01/07/2003
Infection fear over uniform washingThe Times30/06/2003
Are needles spreading HIV?BBC27/06/2003
Warning over drug resistant HIVBBC20/06/2003
Warning about new antibioticsBBC17/06/2003
Herb extracts wrap up lethal food bugNew Scientist14/06/2003
US Smallpox virus alertThe Times09/06/2003
Doctors' ties "spreading disease"BBC05/06/2003
Malaria breakthroughAnanova04/06/2003
Sexual infection "on the rise"BBC04/06/2003
Gene combination in malaria breakthroughBBC02/06/2003
Scientists investigate mystery virusCNN02/06/2003
Probiotics "prevent child allergies"The Times30/05/2003
Gonohorrea becoming resistant to antibioticBBC30/05/2003
Sex disease drug resistance spiralsBBC30/05/2003
Decontamination units "days away"The Times29/05/2003
Antiviral gloves instantly clean woundsNew Scientist29/05/2003
Toronto back on WHO Sars listBBC27/05/2003
Malaria vaccine successThe Independent27/05/2003
Drug cures resistant TBBBC27/05/2003
Scientists attack Sars with speedBBC23/05/2003
One in 10 men "has chlamydia"BBC22/05/2003
Parents "misled" by media over MMRBBC19/05/2003
Concern over MMR safety studyBBC19/05/2003
Secrets of safer HIVBBC17/05/2003
Dishcloths put diners in dangerThe Telegraph15/05/2003
Green tea "has antibacterial qualities"BBC15/05/2003
Baby sleep advice cuts infectionsBBC14/05/2003
Cold remedy could hold Sars cureThe Telegraph14/05/2003
Spending on AIDS prevention falling shortFinancial Times14/05/2003
Vodka "could protect against Sars"Ananova14/05/2003
War may have spread HIVBBC13/05/2003
GM Food endorsed by Royal SocietyThe Times08/05/2003
Breakthrough in fight against malariaThe Independent08/05/2003
Cold virus "eradicates brain cancer"The Guardian07/05/2003
Dirty needles blamed for HIVBBC06/05/2003
Sars "kills one in five"BBC06/05/2003
Non-toxic way to sterilise equipmentBBC04/05/2003
Ebola may help cure cystic fibrosisBBC03/05/2003
How staph worksHealth Scout29/04/2003
Price of AIDS drugs cut by halfBBC28/04/2003
First Sars drug ready within monthsThe Times25/04/2003
"Sperm washing" hope for HIV patientsBBC24/04/2003
Virus cleans up food poisoning bugNew Scientist24/04/2003
Malaria survival discoveryGuardian22/04/2003
Tea helps fight off infectionsBBC21/04/2003
MMR gains supportThe Times17/04/2003
Dioxin threat from antibacterial productsBBC16/04/2003
Gonorrhoea "becoming resistant"Guardian Online15/04/2003
New faster test in TB battleBBC04/04/2003
Food bug battle gets spicyBBC31/03/2003
Eastern Europe's HIV "time-bomb"BBC21/03/2003
Briton tested for mystery bugBBC18/03/2003
Anthrax attack could kill 123,000BBC18/03/2003
Killer disease likely to be new bugBBC18/03/2003
UK man may have "mystery illness"BBC17/03/2003
Bioterror spray could save livesBBC16/03/2003
Superbug spreads beyond hospitalsBBC06/03/2003
Drive to cut hospital infection deathsBBC02/03/2003
Hospital hygiene 'improving'BBC27/02/2003
Aids vaccine only limited successBBC24/02/2003
MMR cleared of infection riskBBC20/02/2003
New HIV barrier 'closer'BBC10/02/2003
Computers enlisted for bioterror fightBBC05/02/2003
Anti-flu pill launched in the UKBBC22/01/2003
Plague test 'could save lives'BBC17/01/2003
UK man may have 'mystery illness'BBC17/01/2003
NHS hygiene 'not up to scratch'BBC15/01/2003
Cloth filter could cut cholera deathsBBC14/01/2003
Anthrax as a cancer treatmentBBC14/01/2003
Diarrhoea vaccine within 10 yearsBBC13/01/2003

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