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Learn about Antmicrobial Resistance
What are bacteria?
What do bacteria look like?
Where do bacteria live?
What do bacteria do?
How can bacteria make me ill?
What are viruses?
What do viruses look like?
Where do viruses live?
How can viruses make me ill?
Fungi & Protozoa
What are fungi?
How can fungi make me ill?
What are protozoa?
How can protozoa make me ill?
What makes us ill?
Do all germs make me ill?
How do I know which germ is making me ill?
How can I prevent myself from getting ill?
Our Immune System
How does my body protect itself against infection?
What happens if the microbes get through the first defences?
What is the adaptive immune response
Why do I only get some illnesses once?
So why do I get some illnesses more than once?
So why may I need to take antimicrobials?
What are antimicrobials?
What are antibiotics?
How do antibiotics work?
What are antivirals?
What are antifungals and antiprotozoals?
Antimicrobial Resistance
What is antimicrobial resistance?
How can bacteria become resistant to antibiotics?
Do people become resistant to antibiotics?
Why is antimicrobial resistance a health problem?
Is antimicrobial resistance only a problem in the UK?
How will my doctor treat my infection if one antibiotic doesn't work?
How can I help and when should I take antibiotics?
Antimicrobial Resistance & Common Illnesses
Do antibiotics help cure acne?
So what else can I do to get rid of my acne?
Child Health
How can I help my child stay free from illness?
Colds & Flu
Do antibiotics help cure flu?
How do flu vaccines work?
Will antibiotics help get rid of my cold?
What remedies will help my cold or flu?
Coughs and Chest Infections
If I have a cough do I need to take antibiotics?
If I have a cough, will antibiotics stop me from getting more serious illnesses e.g. pneumonia?
What if I do get pneumonia?
Do older/younger people or people with other infections need antibiotics for a cough?
If antibiotics aren't going to help my cough then what will?
If I have bronchitis do I need to take antibiotics?
Do antibiotics help cure cystitis?
So what else can I do to help get rid of cystitis?
Do antibiotics help to cure earache?
So should antibiotics be routinely prescribed for AOM?
So how else can I relieve earache?
Why is antimicrobial resistance a problem for HIV carriers?
Hospital Acquired Infections
What is MRSA?
Can I catch MRSA from someone else?
How is MRSA treated?
Why are there so many different malaria drugs? Which one should I take?
Do antibiotics help cure sinusitis?
So how else can I get rid of my sinusitis symptoms?
Sore Throat
Do antibiotics help cure a sore throat?
So what else can I do to help get rid of my sore throat?
Traveller's Diarrhoea
What causes traveller's diarrhoea?
How can I prevent traveller's diarrhoea?
Should I take an antibiotic with me in case I get traveller's diarrhoea?
Preventing Antimicrobial Resistance
What are antibacterials?
Do antibacterials contribute to the development of antimicrobial resistance?
What about bioterrorism and antimicrobial resistance?
Food & Farming
Why are antimicrobials used in farm animals?
Why are antimicrobials used in crop production?
How do vaccines work?
Is vaccination important?
How can vaccines help tackle the problem of antimicrobial resistance?
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