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Welcome to the NeLI website on Antimicrobial Resistance. This site has been developed in response to current concern about antimicrobial resistance and provides information for the public to promote appropriate use of antimicrobials. Choose one of the following options to enter the site.

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Learn about Antimicrobial Resistance

Learn About Antimicrobial Resistance

What are microbes and what is antimicrobial resistance? How do we become ill and how does our immune system work?

Antimicrobial Resistance in Common Illnesses

Antimicrobial Resistance & Common Illnesses
How should antimicrobials be used to treat common illnesses? Why don't we always need to take them?

Preventing Antimicrobial Resistance

Preventing Antimicrobial Resistance
How can we help prevent antimicrobial resistance? Do antibacterials cause resistance? What about the use of antimicrobials in farming or protecting against the effects of bioterrorism?

Other Resources, News and Tip of the Month

News, Other Resources
This section will take you to current news articles, related resources and our current tip
Latest news: How hospital bug can evade attack - 25/6/2006

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